Construction Of The 345 Website.

So the website!  We needed a design team who were highly skilled and who had the vision and the passion to believe in and understand what we are doing, whilst also being a little bit edgy in their approach, explore all options, apply innovation with no boundaries.

After meeting with various we can do it for you web designers, we were so happy to finally at the 11th hour meet with Paul and Katie of Billericay Web services.  Not only did they make half decent coffee, but straight away we could see they were excited and passionate about working with us to create the, don’t break 345 site.  They straight away understood what we were looking to create, the vision we had for the brand, the importance of it being a shop window for what we will be looking to action and achieve, in fact everything we needed from a design team.

Sitting around the design office table, on a selection of eclectic seats, ideas on paper and in picture format flying around everywhere, or in our favourite bistro, the Dandelion & Burdock bistro, in the beautiful village of Stock, where the ladies look after us with a smile, and a selection of great drinks and food.  Wherever we have met the ideas, visions, imaginations, discussion and laughter have been flowing in abundance.  In fact so much so we are almost there, launch day…

The excitement is real at, don’t break 345 HQ, you can physically feel it, touch it smell it. 2019 is looking to be a special year for don’t break 345 as we seek to set an undeniable statement of which we want you to be part of.

Follow us, keep reading and keep watching our blog, contribute and join the adventure and make a difference.