Contact Lenses? Yes you can recycle those too. For free.

If you’re reading this and you have contact lenses, you’ve probably been yelled at for disposing them down the toilet, right?🤨

If you’ve discarded your contact lenses down the toilet then you’re probably not aware of the implications. Contact lenses are made from a flexible material so they can fold up and pass through wastewater filters – these can alternatively been known as microplastics. Because most lenses are found to be denser than water, as a result they will sink to the bottom of the water. Once on the seabed, ‘bottom-feeders’ mistake the lenses for food and this is where the lenses can creep their way into the food chain⚠️

A new scheme, run by Johnson & Johnson is the first nationwide programme which allows consumers to simply recycle their contact lenses and the packaging they come in after use. All you need to do is go to your local opticians (prior to them participating in the scheme) – An example would be Boots Opticians. Further to this, the lenses will then be transformed into new products such as outdoor furniture!

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