My name is Sam, I’m the Co-Founder and this is why I’m here.

I would have been on holiday with Adrian when the idea for don’t break was conceived. I would have been 10, maybe 11 years old? My parents have always had a positive impact on my behaviour when it came to ensuring I lived a clean, healthy and respected childhood – teaching me the basics of how to dispose of your litter correctly, basic hygiene and ensuring you treat others and your surroundings the way you wished to be treated. I felt that this was an influencing factor that led me into being part of the production of don’t break 345 and bringing my father’s (Adrian – Founder) idea to life.

Regretfully, I now live in a time where the damage has near enough been done. By no fault than the lack of education around recycling and sustainability from times gone by and this is why I feel I have a responsibility to do something about it – so I do not betray the next generation to come.

The energy and passion flowing from me is something I have never felt, before joining Adrian on this project. From pen to paper, ideas I could never imagine that I would process are slowly becoming a reality.

don’t break 345: an idea conceived in 2009, born in 2019.

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