The Mission 

At don’t break 345 our mission is to take positive and effective action to help turn off the world’s plastic tap. We are both dedicated and passionate regards of our work and commitment to EOP, eradicate ocean plastic.

How will we do this? From every product sold, we will donate a % of profits to; providing the appropriate equipment to enable people to take plastic from the world’s oceans and waters, together with funding schemes and incentives to enable improved education and behavioural change associated with plastic and micro-plastic.


  • We will provide funds to universities for research into dealing with EOP and alternatives to plastic together with the effect that plastic pollution is having on us all, including The Food Chain.
  • We will provide funding to purchase clearing equipment such as Barricade Systems, which can be anchored in high impact river mouths, these barricades help stop plastic flowing into the ocean. Panga Boats, these small and easy to use boats are good for collecting and transporting the reclaimed plastics from both rivers and ocean foreshore areas.  Munson Landing Craft which can transport large amounts of reclaimed plastic from the oceans to recycling facilities.
  • We will support carefully selected ventures that are promoting and implementing ways and strategies to stem the flow of plastic and micro plastic that is now affecting the world’s food chain.
  • We will provide funds to educate and inform children and adults in badly affected areas, to help promote behavioural change in the way we use and dispose of plastics.
  • We intend to create a global movement to tackle the plastic crisis, not by preaching but via making people aware, getting our followers involved in our mission to turn off the world’s plastic tap.
  • Up to 90% of the oceans plastic pollution starts on land. It then subsequently enters the ocean via rivers.
  • We cannot waste time, the plastic crisis has to be addressed now, we all have a global responsibility to help turn off the world’s plastic tap!