That light bulb moment!

That light bulb moment!

It was in 2009 when I was sat on a sun-drenched beach in Cyprus, in my shorts, vest, and leather bound necklace supporting my faithful tiny wooden cross. It was in excess of 30c peaceful, waves lapping around my feet, in fact, perfect apart from one thing.  I was horrified as to how much litter was surrounding me on the beach and along the foreshore. It was at this point I had a light bulb moment, “what can I do, how can I help drive behavioural change and how can we make a difference to this plastic problem?”

This isn’t just a plastic problem though, it is a problem that can destroy the food chain, potentially destroy life. From this, the idea was conceived and I decided to start planning don’t break 345,  which since then has seen individual’s including celebrities, people like you and me and now my son Sam, join the cause.   Our mission is to make a difference, help change behaviour and help tackle the problem, help turn off the plastic tap and help in saving the food chain.

“What can you do, what can we all do?”

This is not just going to be down to you and me, this is a

“Global responsibility”