The Story

It was in 2009 when Adrian (Founder) was sat on a beach in Cyprus. Looking around he was alarmed as to how much litter was surrounding him on the beach and along the foreshore. It was at this point he thought “what can I do, how can I help drive and make a change to how people use and dispose of plastic, what can I do to stop this?”. This concern as to what damage plastics may be doing to the oceans, the natural world and to the food chain stayed with Adrian and then 2 years ago he decided it was time to start planning a business, a movement where by raising money and awareness, he and those supporting the brand could make a difference.

After hours of brainstorming and deciding what it was he wanted to do he came up with the name ‘don’t break 345’, the 345 standing for The Food Chain. He wanted the brand to be associated with passion, adventure, lifestyle, a brand that by doing something could and would make a difference, a brand that could help, promote and support behavioural change and take action regards clearing plastics from the oceans and also stopping plastic at source, dump sites, mouths of rivers before it even enters the ocean.  He is also passionate about promoting the use of alternative materials to plastic where possible.  Slowing down the flow of the world’s plastic tap is a monumental task, but a task we should all be willing to undertake via our actions and behaviour.

 don’t break 345 is a lifestyle we are looking to offer, a brand that will travel, a brand that will inspire, a brand that will educate, a brand that will take action, a brand that can be associated with passion, belief, desire, love, sweat, tears and a smile in making a difference. This is a brand that can bring unity to our planet. Why? Because this is a problem we are all facing, and needs to be addressed by everyone, it is a ‘Global Responsibility’, hence the strap line.

Adrian wanted a very simple business model for his brand, one people could support, understand and feel part of.  He believes that through education, awareness and positive action, we can all make a difference.  He has a passion and desire to embrace a movement to stem the flow from the plastic tap, enabling us all to work towards saving the food chain (345) and the planet. This is not about us, but about the life and beauty that co-exists with us all, in our oceans and on our planet.

Adrian Warwick
Sam Warwick