UK supermarkets produce 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging a year.

I appreciate that we introduced plastic packaging for a longer shelf-life, convenience to grab and go as well as the obvious reason of it providing better hygiene to our goods but is there really any greater benefit of having this plastic packaging? Some of which ends up in our oceans. It has been said that a ‘truckload’ of plastic is deposited into our ocean every minute.

Fruit and vegetables are washable and often come in their own compostable state, yet our supermarkets choose to wrap them in plastic packaging so I feel alongside plenty of alternative factors, they are to blame. Through making the decision of avoiding plastic, you may be more inclined to purchase your groceries from independent farm shops, markets or you could go the extra mile and grow your own! A further benefit of this is that locally grown goods can come at a cheaper price than their imported opposition. The supermarket’s power is created by consumers so we have every opportunity to make a difference.

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